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SC Media offers many different business services along with personal services! This list goes over each of our services along with a brief description describing what you can all get with each.

For any questions regarding our service options or regards to setting up one please call or email us at:


Social Media Management

SC Media offers social media management for businesses to help gain traffic to their websites and gain customers. This service consists of analyzing your social media platforms along with creating photo and video advertisements for Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Etc.  The perks of social media management is you no longer have to take the time to create your own ads or have to track analytics. For more Information about this service and what it can do for your company please contact us and we can help answer any questions. 


Product Photography

You have amazing products. But are they being seen the way they should be?


You need high quality product photos & videos that show your products in the best light possible. We can help with that.


Not only will you get great photos and creative content, but we also offer content options to make your website and social media pages look amazing. You’ll love how your products look when we’re done with them!

Contact us today for a FREE consultation on our product photography services.


Event Coverage

It’s no secret that you need high-quality, original content added to your website and social media accounts, but acquiring that content can be time-consuming. That’s where we come in! We take professional images and videos of your event to use any way you like. We edit and send you the videos and images ready to post on social media and your website.


Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography the name kind of sums up what its all about. We offer everything you need to get your property online and sold!


This Includes:

Photography, Videography, Aerial Photography & Videography 

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